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Upper Cumberland Radio Control Society

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Tree Toppers rc flying club

Located in Cookeville, Tennessee

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Tree Toppers has always been known as the Upper Cumberland Radio Control Society.  We recently added our nickname, Tree Toppers, because some of us always seem to find trees, intentionally or not.  Our club has been in existence for almost 30 years.  The club began with a group of Tennessee Tech students and has been going ever since.  Our club strives to keep our hobby alive and vibrant.  We do our best to take part in community events as well.  This is a wonderful hobby and we love to share it with our community.   

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What We Do

Our club is always innovating new ways to keep our members involved and enjoying our hobby.  Our field is open to members and guests 24/7.  That means you can even night fly.   In addition, our club has a Gaming Committee.  This committee's sole function is to plan and manage monthly club challenge flight days.  Our club gets together on the first Saturday of each month to test our skills in a flying challenge event.  The committee members change each year so the challenges also can change yearly.  You never know what each committee will come up with.  Awards are won in these events and bragging rights are FOREVER.   Click on these video buttons and you can get a taste of what I mean. 

What We Obey

What We Obey



1. No person shall operate any model aircraft at the flying facilities unless they have current membership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Proof of membership is a valid and current membership card from AMA.

2. For non-AMA persons wishing to experience a “hands-on” model flight, the Academy does allow this, on a onetime basis per person only, (with the use of a Buddy Box system for RC) and with a qualified club pilot. During this flight, the club is protected through its liability coverage as long as the non-member’s supervised flying is in accordance with the AMA safety code. The non-AMA member is never insured during this flight. Under no circumstance should the non-member’s equipment or aircraft be used.

3. AMA Liability Protection applies to bodily injury or property damage caused by an AMA member. Any AMA member who causes an accident resulting in an injury must report that accident immediately to AMA. Pilots are responsible for damage to other’s property.

4. AMA insurance is “excess” to any other applicable coverage, such as homeowner’s or medical insurance.





These Rules are intended to facilitate the safety of Users, Spectators, and near-by Residents of the Flying Field. It is a Club Requirement to follow these rules and promote safety at all times.




1. You must be a member of UCRCS to use our flying field. Guests are exceptions and the

club member that invited the guest must be at the field with the guest. Visitors are welcome provided they follow UCRCS rules. Any guest who uses the facilities on a regular basis

(more than 3 times per year) is expected to join UCRCS.

2. All non-AMA members, non-flying visitors, guests, spectators, etc. shall remain out of the pit area and remain behind the spectator safety fences. They may visit the pit areas only when invited and accompanied by a UCRCS member. Unsupervised children are not allowed in the pit area.

3. Adhering to FAA regulations for “Unmanned Aircraft Systems” is required. Any craft flown must have the owner’s FAA Registration number and the owner’s AMA number affixed and visible on the exterior of the craft. Pilots are required to have evidence of passing the FAA safety test Trust. The test is available at

4. All pilots must follow AMA guidelines and safety rules. Every club member is expected to be a safety officer and is authorized to enforce rules.

5. New members of UCRCS must demonstrate they are a qualified pilot to a UCRCS officer, or a UCRCS designated introductory pilot. Qualified pilots must be able to demonstrate they understand all the flight & safety rules, and safely perform takeoffs, landings, and demonstrate being able to fly a standard box pattern in both directions. Any qualified UCRCS member may instruct a new pilot.

6. Before turning on a non-2.4 GHz transmitter, pilots should verify that the frequency is not being used by other pilots present. Pilots who fail to follow proper frequency control procedures assume all liability for any damage caused.

7. A radio system ground range check is recommended for new aircraft and for those that have major repairs.

8. No running or arming of any type of aircraft behind the safety fence or in shelters. Stay clear of the propeller arc while starting or running any motor.

9. All pilots will fly within the designated flying boundaries and will avoid flying directly over unprotected people, moving vehicles, and occupied structures. Intentional flying behind the safety line is prohibited.

10. Maximum of FIVE aircraft flying at one time. Exception may be made for special events.

11. Landing aircraft ALWAYS have the right of way. Dead stick aircraft have field priority.

12. Do not go on the runway without first clearly notifying all flying pilots of your intention and verify that no aircraft is on final approach. Call out to all flying pilots when the field is clear.

13. High speed passes shall not be made directly over the runway but over the grass area east of the runway. High energy flight directly towards the pit area is prohibited.

14. Turbine powered aircraft will be allowed with the following requirements:

• All rules of AMA Turbine Program, document 510-a must be followed

• Pilot must have a current AMA Turbine waiver

• Fire extinguisher equipment must be present for use at the UCRCS field

• Turbine powered aircraft will be limited to no more than 30 lbs flying weight

• The turbine engine(s) used in the aircraft shall not exceed 9 kg total thrust

• Turbine powered aircraft must be approved by 2 club officers

• The pilot proficiency and safety must be approved by 2 club officers

• A spotter will always be required to advise the pilot in maintaining flight within proper designated flying boundaries and avoid flying over vehicles on Salem Rd.

15. No pulse-jet, or rocket powered aircraft, or aircraft weighing over 55 lbs will be flown at the field.

16. The first pilot to take off will determine the traffic pattern direction. If winds dictate a change in the pattern, pilots airborne must agree on the pattern change and change pattern direction before any other pilots take off. If you are not certain of the pattern direction, ask any pilot airborne.

17. To standardize communications between pilots flying the standard pattern, please use the following callouts: DEAD STICK LANDING, LANDING, TOUCH AND GO, TAKING OFF, TAXING OUT, and DISABLED AIRCRAFT ON THE RUNWAY.

18. Engines will not be run for extended periods in the pit area.

19. FPV pilots must have a spotter at all times while flying.

20. Helicopters or Quadcopters will fly in the same pattern as fixed wing aircraft if flying at the same time.

21. 3D Helicopter flying will be allowed if no other aircraft are flying. 22. No alcoholic beverages, nor illegal drugs will be brought to the field. Pilots must not fly under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

23. Watch your language at all times, especially when spectators, women and children are present.

24. If you are the last to leave the field, LOCK THE GATE.


Rev 08/28/22
These Rules are mandated by the Upper Cumberland Radio Control Society (UCRCS)

for the use of this Flying Facility.

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What We Did

What We Did

Click on each icon and enjoy photos of our history

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Wild Hog War

Family Day Fun

Fox and Hound

Egg Drop


New Years
Chili Fly

What We Will Do

These are our regular upcoming events.  Feel free to join us to watch and enjoy the fun.


Monthly Club Meeting

We hold our monthly club meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  During warm months we meet at our field and during cold months we meet at IWC in Algood.  Meetings start at 6pm.  If we are meeting at the field, come early to fly.

We have our Challenge events on the 1st Saturday of each month, weather permitting.  

Every month our Gaming Committee has a scheduled  competition for the club.  You never know what you'll have to do to participate.  See our club video's page to get an idea.  Definitely something you want to see.  Watch your email for start times.  Normally pilots start arriving at the field around 10am and events usually begin at 1pm.

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We FLOAT FLY on the 3rd Monday of each month, weather permitting.   

One of the truly fun parts of RC flying is flying your plane on floats.  Yup, we toss our perfectly good airplanes into the lake and hope for the best.  No worries, we always have a boat handy for recovery opps if needed.  What could possibly go wrong?  This is held at the Cane Hollow Recreation area on Center Hill Lake.  Show time is 8am.  Come early or stay late to fish!

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What We Fill Out

These are the important forms needed for membership in our club.  If you have any question, click that button and let us know.

These rules assist in keeping our club safe and well managed. The links on this page contain the FAA Registration form, our flight and safety rules and the club Bylaws. In addition, since 9/11 the FAA has begun a new rule governing RC aircraft. Pilots are required to register with the FAA and obtain an FAA number. This number, along with your AMA number, are to be located on your aircraft. This is a very simple process. See example in picture.  The AMA and FAA have their own specification for how numbers are to be affixed to the aircraft.  Please follow their provided information.   To access these documents, please click on the corresponding links above. To access the club Membership Form, click the link below and use password UCRCS

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How We Contact


Don Campbell - 931.284.1381

Vice President

Dave Boles - 931.261.2106


Gary McCullough - 843.367.3653


Bob Mackie


Safety Officer

Rich Busch

Field Marshall

Dave Indyke

Tony Barnett



Tree Toppers Provides Free Flight Training!

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In a nutshell

Our club is very focused on helping kids and adults enjoy our hobby.  Once you try it, you'll be hooked.  We all are.  If you are new to RC flying or simply have been out of the hobby for a while, we have you covered.  Our AMA registered flight training personnel will help you gain or regain your flying prowess.  We use a buddy-box system.  This means you and the trainer both have transmitters that fly the training plane.  The trainer gives the student control of the airplane and takes control back when the student gets in danger of crashing.  The trainer then gets the trainer craft back to a steady heading and turns control of the craft back to the student to try again.  With this system, it never takes very long for new flyers to get the hang of flying.  Several of our current members benefitted from this free service.

More about what we offer.


1) Ground school and computerized flight simulators will provide you with everything you need to recognize how an RC aircraft operates, and give you the hands on experience needed to understand the transmitter for the aircraft.

2) In person flying lessons as described above using the buddy box system.

3) Honing your skills. Instructors can teach you how to fine tune your flying skills and advance you into high performance aircraft, Helicopters, and ducted fans.

4) Club qualifications Allows pilots that are looking to join the UCRCS family, their sign off for membership. This is required for the safety of everyone.


Basic flight skills and maneuvers required:


1) Pre-flight safety check of the aircraft

2) Maintain control during take off on the runway.

3) Fly the aircraft in the pattern and at pattern altitude.

4) Perform a mid field loop.

5) Perform a slow pass

6) Land the aircraft on the runway and in control. The flight instructors are here to help you accomplish your goal of being the best pilot you can be. Please read the Flight and Safety rules to obtain the requirements of the Club.

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Visit Our Friends

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1210 N Willow Ave, Cookeville, TN  931.526.6017

When Tree Toppers need anything RC we go to Cookeville Raceway Hobby Shop.  If they don't have it, they'll order it.  Make sure to tell them the Tree Toppers sent you. 


Click the image to find their facebook page.  

Who We Like

How We Get Here

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Our Winter Time Club meeting place is in Algood at
IWC Food Service
535 Dry Valley Road
Cookeville, TN 38506

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